5 Tips in Starting a Design Company San Francisco

Starting a design company San Francisco is a bold move. Bold because San Francisco is the largest tech hub in the world. It is where Silicon Valley is located after all. So expect a lot of competition in the area.

But as a startup, you have one distinct advantage: you are cheap. The largest web design and development agencies in San Francisco are going to be very expensive as they already have a large professional portfolio to brag about. The smaller and mid-range companies may be more affordable, but your startup will still be cheaper.

Of course, there is also a big disadvantage: you have no experience to boast about. That should not stop you from launching the best design company in San Francisco. Here are some tips on how you can compete in the technological world of San Francisco:

1. Hire experienced fresh web design graduates

So the business may not have experience in doing full-service web design and development. That doesn’t mean that you can’t hire experienced people. However, there is emphasis on fresh graduates here because it is understandable that they would be looking for jobs.

But how can fresh graduates have experience already? Actually, a number of web design students embark on web design projects on the side. If fresh graduates are cheap, students are even cheaper. So a lot of startups would hire students to design their web page or mobile app in order to save money. In your case, though, you want to be a professional company so you hire graduates.

This is going to be a symbiotic relationship: you give fresh graduates the experience they need, and you can save on overhead cost on human resource.

One of the biggest advantages of hiring fresh graduates is that they are still aggressive and they have the motivation to do well on their first professional project. Of course, the university lessons are still fresh and would come in so much faster for them during the implementation of the design process.

As your fresh graduates gain experience from one project to another, so does your startup design company in San Francisco. Your agency will grow with your employees as well as with your professional portfolio.

2. Highlight UI and UX in your work

People are attracted to beautiful-looking websites. But they would only give a beautiful website a second chance if they enjoy navigating through the web page or mobile application. As a web design company, you should be able to give your clients these two things: user interface and user experience.

The UI design and UX design can make or break an e-commerce business. While it is the UI design that attracts the audience, it is the UX design that will make them want to explore the web page or application. That exploration has a large potential for market conversion.

The UI / UX designs also raise the potential for conversion for any business that maintains a web page.

3. Produce unique and informative content

Having an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-maneuver website will not be enough. You want to engage the audience so you provide them with web content that will make them want to stay on your page for a long time. One way to do that is to give them something they have not seen before.

A design agency should not just focus on the graphics and the layout of a web page, it should also have an understanding on what kind of content will create an impact on its audience.

Your design company should not only hire designers, you need copywriters as well to produce content for the web design of clients.

4. Don’t make your web copy wordy

The online world is fast-paced. You cannot afford to lose your audience because your website has too many words on it. It is a web page, not a newspaper. So make sure that the texts on the curated web page are brief.

If there is a lot of information that needs to be communicated to the audience, you have to break it into parts. Besides, messages are not only conveyed through words. They can also be communicated through photos and videos.

5. Be updated with design trends

You have to know the current web design trends and apply these in your process—but with a twist; always with a twist. You can’t afford to produce a design similar to what the dozens of other design firms in San Francisco create.

It should work to your advantage that you are working with fresh graduates—they have not been immersed to the professional web design world. This means that they can have fresh take on the current website trends.

Be in the know: Here are the hottest website trends of 2019 according to Forbes.

How a newbie design company San Francisco can compete with design giants

Since you don’t have professional outputs to show prospective clients, you have to wow them with a prototype and with your presentation. Make sure your mockup can compete with the other existing full-service websites. Show them that what they need perfectly matches your project.

As soon as you entice them with a great mockup, you hit them with your biggest advantage: your price. And as soon as you lock in one client, make sure you give that business the best web design product and service that your startup can muster. Because all it takes is that one client to make or break your business.

If that client is satisfied with your digital output, it can tell others about it. The next thing you know, you have more clients knocking on your door than you know what to do. But more importantly, that one client can help build up your professional portfolio.

Great output builds great portfolio. In no time, your startup can be the next Ramotion, one of the best web design agencies in San Francisco that creates marketing websites and landing pages that help tell brand stories as well as increase conversion and trust.

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