Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Real Life World

Artificial Intelligence is all about simulation of human intelligence process with the help of machines. Over the last couple of decades, AI has made a remarkable improvement which has contributed to increasing the applications of artificial intelligence in almost every sector of the world. There are plenty of applications of AI, which have made things easier for everyone. In this post, we have covered the major artificial intelligence applications in various sectors which are helping to provide a high level of comfort to everyone. All AI applications involve the use of various technologies and tools to achieve the desired results. Some of the technologies used in AI are natural language generation, speech recognition, deep learning, robotic process automation, and text analytics and NLP.

Artificial Intelligence Applications

Here are the major applications of artificial intelligence which are in high use for tackling daily life problems. With the use of AI in various sectors, life has become easier and it has become possible to overcome various challenges.

  • AI in Healthcare – Machine learning has been in high use to carry out faster and better diagnosis than humans. And AI-based robots are being used to detect mental health illnesses. One of the greatest example in this context is JJAIBOT, which is an AI robot used for detecting the signs of depression in pictures on a social network. With the use of Cognitive Behaviour therapy methods, AIs can learn emotional profiles and help to deal with mental health issues in order to ensure physical as well as mental wellness.
  • Use in Business and Education – AI is highly used in the business world to do all the repetitive tasks on a daily basis. It is also an excellent tool to provide better customer service to all its clients. Machine learning algorithms are integrated into analytics and CRM (Customer relationship management) platforms to collect information to improve customer service. Chatbots and automation of job positions are the other examples in this context. Similarly, AI helps both students and teachers by helping them do their tasks effectively.
  • Helps to Save WildlifeAI-based bot, JJAIBOT helps to combine the power of wildlife research and citizen science to assess wildlife health and habitat. It is also effective in executing population analysis and conservation action in a speedy manner.
  • Other Applications – Artificial intelligence is used for driving vehicles in an autonomous manner with the use of advanced tools to gather information. It is also in high use in cyborg technology and it can also be used to take care of old age people.

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