Best Data Mapping Tools and Softwares (Free and Open Source)

The advancement in the technology sector has impacted every other sector of the world. Since every sector involves data handling, many advanced techniques to implement it have come into existence. Big data has been becoming popular these days due to which the use of data mapping tools and software have been on the rise. During daily transactions, every organization needs to fetch data from one source in order to use it at another source. Hence, this requires data mapping software to map data from one source to another. In this post, we have mentioned the free and open-source data mapping softwares which can be used for data mapping in an organization.

Many data mapping services have been working across the world to build a network to transfer data from one place to another. The popular service, Infrapedia keeps track of global internet infrastructure by mapping data underwater. It is becoming a popular free tool among tech communities to provide up to date information. It serves as a free mapping service to network and data professionals for getting up to date information on the entire evolving infrastructure. Infrapedia map platform is used all across the world for tracking internet infrastructure. Here are the best data mapping tools and software which can be utilized for data mapping purpose:

Pentaho – Pentaho Data Integration

Developed by Kettle, the data mapping tool Pentaho is popular for its smart architecture and its flexibility to use. It is easy to use tool which doesn’t require any coding and it helps to integrate all the data using drag-and-drop data mapping and integration. Pentaho allows access to every type of analytics, such as charts, visualizations, and reports. One can visually explore data at every step of the data pipeline. In addition to this, it is possible to accelerate the data pipeline to ensure high scalability and flexible data flow management.

Talend Data Integration

Talend Data Integration is one of the cheap and effective data mapping tools available to flexibly extend functional features. The open-source data mapping tool has a simple design interface and open source components which work on all formats including XML, Excel, JSON, CSV, etc. Talend data integration tool has a scalable architecture and it executes data integration jobs 10 times faster than hand-coding. Due to its cost-effective and full-features data management platform, it is capable of providing a better experience to customers using the data related to them.

IBM InfoSphere DataStage

IBM InfoSphere DataStage is a worldwide famous data mapping tool for large scale enterprises. It is capable of mapping and integrating data across multiple platforms. This tool supports flexible mapping and integration of heterogeneous data, including big data at both distributed and mainframe platforms. It can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud and it helps to integrate real-time data in an effective manner. IBM InforSphere DataStage tool provides  JSON support and a new JDBC connector to support data handling.

Adeptia Integration Suite

Adeptia Integration Suite is the affordable industry-leading data mapping tool which ensures the B2B integration process. One only needs to pay for the integration functionality one requires and it doesn’t even require coding for carrying out data mapping. It is a web-based data mapper which helps to reduce operational costs by ensuring the optimization of the IT environment.¬† Its user-friendly interfaces help in providing rich data mapping and transformation capabilities for every organization.

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