Detroit: Become Human Characters from Real Life – Full List

Have you played Detroit: Become Human? Most of you will answer “yes” to this question. This is so because Detroit: Become Human enjoys huge popularity and a huge number of people play it on PS4. What makes it more interesting and realistic is the popular actors who have contributed in the game from motion picture to voice acting. Here, in this post, we have mentioned the real-life characters of all the cast members of Detroit: Become Human. All the characters in the game are very much relatable as well as identical in real life.

Gabrielle Hersh as Chloe

In the game, Detroit: Become Human, the first Android you will get in your menu is Chloe. This character is identical to that of the actresses, Gabrielle Hersh. Gabrielle Hersh has also given her advice in other video games and worked as motion picturer. She showed her interest in Hostess Chloe in the game, Detroit: Become Human. When you play this game in the best gaming pc then you could simply admire her voice and her identity in Detroit: Become Human.

Bryan Dechart as Connor

Bryan Dechart is seen as Connor and he is the first prototype android to join the police for investigation in the first mission. He was indicted in the homicide and the hostage-taking of a Deviant Android.

David Clark as Captain Allen

The American actor, David Clark portrayed the role of Captain Allen who first appeared during Connor’s first investigation mission. Captain Allen worked as the senior member of the Detroit City Police Department SWAT unit whose main motive is to seize Daniel in the case of the Hostage.

Jesse Williams as Markus

Jesse Williams was seen as Markus who is the android of Carl Manfred. He is very close to Carl Manfred in the game, Detroit: Became Human and supports the rights of the androids in the game.

Lance Henriksen as Carl Manfred

Car Manfred’s character which is portrayed by Lance Henriksen in Detroit: Become Human is the only human friend of Markus. He is so caring and stays with Markus for many years. He also has a son named, Leo in this game.

Dominic Gould as Todd Williams

Dominic Gould portrayed the character of Todd Williams in Detroit: Become Human. He is the father of Alice (which is portrayed by Audrey Boustani). Also, Todd Williams is the owner of Kara in this game. He lost his wife which broke him completely and he forgot his responsibility towards his family.

Audrey Boustani as Alice

The character of Alice is in the game is identical to Audrey Boustani. She is the daughter of Todd and very close to Kara who treats her as her daughter. Also, Kara’s love protects her from all the odds as well as dangers in her life. Even, Kara acts as a protective shield against Todd’s father Todd who doesn’t treat her nicely.

Valorie Curry as Kara

Valorie Curry who is seen as Kara in Detroit: Become Human, has a deep connection with Alice. She is an android of Alice and Todd. Kara works as a maid who cleans Todd’s house and takes care of Alice. Also, Kara protects Alice from her father, Todd and tries her level best to keep Alice close to her.

Clancy Brown as Hank Anderson

Hank Anderson is the close companion of Connor. He was first seen in the game in the club drinking alcohol. Hank was a partner of Connor in the Android Deviant Investigation. Although he looks insane from his outlook and behavior, he is a good person.

Barry Johnson as Jeffrey Fowler

Jeffrey Fowler heads the charge of the Detroit City Police Department Central Division and is superior to Han Anderson.

Cornelius Smith Jr as Carlos’ Android

Carlos’ Android is an HK400 android who is owned by Carlos Ortiz. He is not treated by his owner in a decent manner.

Other Characters in Detroit: Become Human

  • Simbi Khali as Amanda
  • Ben Lambert as Simon
  • Parker Sawyers as Josh
  • Minka Kelly as North
  • Mathew Vladimery as Ralph
  • Amelia Rose Blaire as Traci
  • Saul Jephcott as Zlatko Andronikov
  • Yvonne Wandera as Lucy
  • Even Parke as Luther
  • Kristopher Bosch as Jerry Dana
  • Dana Gourrier as Rose Chapman
  • Neil Newbon as Gavin Reed
  • Neil Newbon as Elijah Kamski
  • David Coburn as Richard Perkins
  • Jacqueline Berces as ST300 Android
  • David Atrakchi as AP700 Android
  • Leslie Clack as Newsreader Michael Brinkley
  • Christina Batman as President Warren

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