ExhibitDay – A Free Event Management and Planning Tool for Trade Show Teams

Planning a trade show just got easier. ExhibitDay has launched a free service, available at www.ExhibitDay.com to help Trade Show Managers and Event Teams track and manage either events. The free B2B SaaS tool has been in Beta since January 2019. During the Beta period, the company has tested the tool with nearly 1,000 users across different groups of event teams; The teams contained Trade Show Coordinators, Event Managers, and Exhibitors. 

ExhibitDay offers a premium tire of the service which includes advanced tools for management of an unlimited number of events, budgeting and Event ROI calculation. ExhibitDay services are tailored for small to medium-sized trade show teams that attend roughly 10-100 trade shows each year. 

The free tier of the service limits the number of users in a given workspace. The Professional and Premium tires have fewer restrictions on usage but they have advanced features for workspace customization. ExhibitDay is currently working on developing new features including integration with third-party software such as Salescare, Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM solutions. 

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