Top Face Recognition Search Engines to Use for Better Results

Which search engine do you use to look for the best images for your projects? Many of you will find this one a weird question but it really is not. With our growing dependence on technology, many new software tools have been introduced to help us perform our tasks in an excellent manner. And the development in search engine technology has also been seen since its introduction in the 1990s. Due to this exceptional improvement in search engines, face recognition search has become a common thing in today’s time due to the use of AI technology. It has improved the accuracy of image search to a great extent.

With the rising popularity of face recognition technology in different sectors, many people also utilize these face search tools in their daily life. The use of face search for matching with the faces of celebrities has become quite common these days. It is even possible to find lookalike faces in adult movies for matching with different celebrities for the sake of entertainment and fun. In this post, we have mentioned the list of google face search engines for finding images and videos with less effort.

Google Face Recognition

Google Face Recognition search engine is one of the tools available to search for the best images online. All one needs to do is upload an image by clicking on the camera icon on the search bar. In makes use of Google reverse search technology which is also used for finding an image on Google.

TinEye Reverse Image Search

TinEye reverse image search offers fast and better results as it has a database of over 12 billion images. And it is easy to use this tool as one needs to upload an image or a link of the picture on the search bar to get the desired results in no time.

Face – Microsoft Azure

Based on different categories, Microsoft’s Face makes use of facial recognition to recognize people with the use of Artificial Intelligence in order to produce the best results. This face recognition search tool has been easily available online and it gets updated on a timely basis to reduce error.


By inspecting the face of a person, BetaFace provides results with gender, age, and other parameters. Although it is a paid tool, there are plenty of features available in this tool which is not available in any other tool. And this makes it one of the best face recognition search tools for searching images on google. Using BetaFace, one can also process multiple images through the batch processing tool.

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