Ways to take Advantage of Google Related Searches

Google related searches appear for most of the searches that people do on Google. But it is not possible for Google to suggest topics related to every particular word because about 15% of daily searches are completely new. With the use of its algorithm, Google also suggests search queries and displays it as related searches by evaluating data from multiple sources. Since these related searches are determined by the algorithm, it is not possible to influence these searches directly. However, there are some ways available which allow a brand to take advantage of related search for improving its SEO.

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Monitor the Brand’s Related Searches

Using Google Search Console, it is possible to monitor the searches related to a particular brand. And it is important to do so to become aware of the opinion of people towards the brand and a company. Especially, if there is a negative sentiment available to monitor then it becomes even more important. One should take into consideration the number of searches, impressions, and clicks. The intention of these queries and the change in queries with the passage of time also needs to be taken into account.

Optimization of CTR

On the basis of the related searches, it is possible to modify your Meta Title and Meta Description in order to match with searches of users. This helps to improve the CTR for a particular brand. Even, it is possible to highlight the free trial in the Meta Title in order to get attention.

Enhance the Keyword Research

One can think of introducing a new keyword research tool for Google related searches. This would simply help to find many longtails and content ideas. Care must be taken to choose the right keyword research tool in order to enhance keyword researches.

Better Understanding of the Target Audience

With the help of Google related searches, it is possible to understand the target audience better. It allows a given brand to look for ways to understand what the target audience is looking for by studying the related searches for a given brand. Hence, this not only helps to improve the organic traffic but also contributes to improving the presence of a given brand in the market by helping to study the competitors in an effective manner.

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