How to Download PUBG Apk for Android?

In this article, we will show you How to Download and Install Pubg Apk in a device. The method we have described in this article is the easiest one. This is the easiest method available on the Internet. Also, you will learn about the amazing features of Pubg. And we have also given the tips that are going to help you to win the game. Therefore go read the complete article carefully. And enjoy the Pubg game.

Pubg Apk

Pubg or Player Unknown’s Battleground is one of the most popular games available on the Internet today. There is a huge fan following of Pubg in the world. This is because Pubg provides a lot of features to users. The features are very amazing that always attract players. And the gameplay is so interesting that you can play the game for a long time without getting bored. Because every new game in Pubg comes with different difficulties and situations. You as a player have to survive throughout the game. Also, you can get different equipment that includes guns, first aid, bullets, helmets, armors, and many things. You can also get different vehicles to drive. The gameplay is very interesting and engaging. And it added the best and high-quality graphics. And the best sound quality in the game.


  • Name: Pubg Apk
  • Latest Version:12.o
  • Supported Android OS: Android Version 4.3 and later
  • File Size: 42 MB
  • Category: Online games, 3D games, Shooting games, Multiplayer games
  • Last Updated: April 15, 2019


Here are the amazing and wonderful features that you will enjoy with the PUBG game.

1. Gameplay:

The gameplay of a game is one of the most important parts of that game. Because interesting gameplay can hook up gamers for a long time. Therefore the makers of Pubg introduces unique, interesting and engaging gameplay. They have introduced fresh content in the game. The game starts with 100 players parachuted on an island. They have to search for weapons, medical aids, and other equipment while keeping you safe from opponents. You can kill other players, loot the killed player’s equipment. Also, you have t maintain yourself inside the safe zone. You can drive vehicles and so much more. And the last surviving player will win the game. This increases the excitement level of players in the game. And makes the game more engaging.

2. High-Quality Graphics:

Makers of Pubg specially focused on the graphics of the game. They were very well known about the fact that graphics of the game can easily increase the involvement of a player in the game. Therefore they have added the graphics of High quality. When you will play the game, you will feel attracted and feel like it is you who is going to the adventure. You will engage with the game in no time. All these make the overall gaming experience very interesting and exciting. The graphics added in the game are HD quality graphics with detailed and fine visual effects.

3. High-Quality Sound:

With amazing quality of visual effects and High-quality Graphics, PUBG offers you many more interesting features. As we all know that every game, video, movie or anything is always incomplete without Sound effects. Therefore makers of Pubg added the amazing quality of Sound effects in the game. You will enjoy the high-quality sound in Pubg. The sound effects double the excitement level and make the game more interesting. Not only this, but you can also enjoy more by chatting with your friends. Yes, you can make yourself audible with your team and friends in the game. You can say anything to them as well as you can hear them.

4. Multi-Player:

One of the best features that Pubg provides to its user is Multi-Player Mode. Players love this feature the most. This is because it allows users to play the game with their friends. And we all know, whenever we play a game with our friends, the excitement level goes to the peak level. Therefore makers of the Pubg Apk introduces the multiplayer mode for users. So that they can build a team with their friends. Using this feature you can play with your friends easily. You can remove any obstacles together with your friends. Therefore it is one of the more important features that make the game more interesting.

5. Fair Gameplay:

There you can find so many Apps, tools and hacks available on the Internet which can hack games and make a player win. It makes the game unfair for other players. But you don’t have to worry about it because it will not happen with Pubg. There is not any way available to hack Pubg. Makers make it sure that they can always provide fair gameplay to all players. So it all depends on the skills and abilities of a player that whether he will win or lose the game.

6. Collective Items:

Pubg includes so many collective things that you can get in the game. You can collect different guns, bullets, first aid kit, armor, shoes, helmets, bag, and many other things that can help you in the game. You can get different vehicles to drive. So just start collecting and make strategies and win the game.

How to Download and Install Pubg Apk

  1. First of all download Pubg Apk file in your device.
  2. Then wait for a few minutes to complete the downloading process. It will take a while according to the speed of your Internet Connection.
  3. After the downloading process finishes, you will get the Installation page on your screen.
  4. Tap on the Install button to start installing the Pubg Apk.
  5. Now, wait for a while until the Pubg Apk successfully gets installed in your device.
  6. In successfully installed, then you are all ready to play Pubg in your device. Start playing and enjoy it.

Tips For Beginners in PUBG

  1. Don’t go to the place where you can find lots of stuff. Because this will attract other players also. And this can result in gunfights. You can get injured in gunfights. Therefore always choose a clear place to pick up guns and other equipment.
  2. Always keep your eye on Loots. Loots will help you to get your desired weapons, armors, and health kits.
  3. Always try to avoid gunfights. Because gunfights can result in health damage and even death. If you want to shoot a player then make sure he or she should be in the shooting range of the weapon that you are using.
  4. You should always have an eye on the map. It will help you to hide from your enemies. Also, it will help you to maintain yourself inside the safe zone.
  5. If you see a vehicle then grab it. Because it is better to be on the vehicle. It increases the surviving chances of the player.

Final Verdict

So this was all about How to Download Pubg Apk in a device. I hope you will like the article. Share it with your friends. And ask your queries in the comments section.

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