How to Get More Instagram Views and Engagement in 2019

Instagram stories are a perfect tool to get more views and engagement. It is proving to be the best alternative to all methods for personal branding and social media marketing. In the US almost 70% of companies are using Instagram stories to market themselves. This tool has a huge potential for expanding Instagram engagement and likes.

It does not matter how effective are your Instagram stories. You will not get more popularity until you increase your views. For some users increasing Instagram views seems impossible but it is easy if they follow some tips given below. 

Increase Creativity of Content

If you are aiming to attract new viewers and permanent followers on your Instagram stories, then you need to start creating effective and creative content in your stories. When you post content on Instagram, make sure it is well edited and decorated. You can also look for the best app for video and photo editing. This is the best way to get more Instagram views and engagement in 2019. 

Post Continuously

Most of the Instagram users are habitual to post on Instagram one or two images in a day. By doing so you are decreasing the ability to reach more people for generating likes and followers. You should post quality content on Instagram with good planning. Find out what kind of content your current followers prefer and accordingly you can use Instagram analytics to find more about the type of content. Keep posting as much content you can. You can also buy automatic likes on Instagram to increase your content’s views and likes.

Make Collaboration with Others

This tip is for those users who feel stuck and do not know what kind of post can keep followers engaged. It is time for them to make new collaboration with others. You can do many things by collaborating with others. By collaborating with a brand, you can co-design a product, host an Instagram takeover and lead Instagram Live. The collaboration strategy attracts more people and keeps your followers engaged with something different.

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