Ibiza View Club NFTs Are Truly Secure & Unique

A unique content generating system the Ibiza View Club consists of unique NFTs having community support. Versatile in use and nature the system includes gaming, collectibles, art, tokenizing of physical assets and the digital assets. There is more to them that can be listed. These NFTs can exist as an image, video, or even an audio file. All of it is situated on the blockchain. On the blockchain they are coded thus they are truly secure.

Due to the contractor the NFTs creator does not own the asset but the NFTs owners have rights to other digital assets too. The creators thus have flexibility and breadth for commercial use. Their sales have gotten a lot of support and attention as digital art and assets. The industry revenue is now in billions of dollars.

What is the platform?

Currently consisting of 1001 NFTs from Ibiza Island the collection celebrates the Ibiza community which is vibrant and exotic. With the collection scaling up the community will be marketing the collection through website, displays, sales, pre sales, merchandise making and reward packages.

The blockchain the NFTs exist on is like a library of digital ledgers like a database. The blockchain network stores the information copies of all the users. Thus the information remains protected against the threats of theft as well as corruption. The NFTs are based on ETH as they are within the collection with the base pricing being ETH 0.2.

The road ahead

NFT holders aiming to keep an NFT will gain appreciation with time. The unique NFT was established and launched for the price of ETH 0.2. This priority phase will give the early supporters Airdrop 5 free Ibiza View Club NFTs and they will be eligible for exclusive merchandise, tickets, and raffles. As the NFTs gain appreciation the brand will expand and establish a merchandise store to host physical collectibles, prints, and artwork. The collections have already gained momentum in galleries worldwide.

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