Learn How To Prevent Phishing Attacks Targeted at Your Business

Internet technology is growing quickly for good causes. But there are many ways that cybercriminals are using to cheat individuals and companies. It has become necessary to always stay a step ahead of the cyber criminals to avoid any phishing and ransomware threats. Individuals and companies should know how to prevent phishing attacks because phishing prevention is the key to do a successful business without any online threat.

Let’s first understand what is phishing and how to prevent phishing attacks.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is the illegal use of information technology to cheat people and companies and to take advantage of innocent people. It involves an attempt to gain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card information, and network credentials. Cybercriminals pose themselves as legal individuals through phone or emails and cheat victims with their actions such as clicking on a malicious link or attachment. To prevent phishing email, enterprises should always know what is phishing and how cybercriminals use this to steal confidential data. Below are some tips and best practices for preventing phishing attacks.

Tips to Prevent Phishing Attacks

  • Make a habit of not responding to links in unsolicited emails or on social media websites. 
  • Avoid opening attachment from unrequested emails. 
  • Keep a strong password and don’t reveal it to anyone.
  • Never ever give sensitive information about yourself to anyone on the phone and through emails.
  • Check the website URL carefully for any miss-spellings. Sometimes, domain may be different. 
  • Keep your browser up to date and apply all security measures.
  • Use any trusted anti-phishing software to detect phishing and malicious emails.

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Emails based phishing and scams surged 250% in 2018 with consumers losing $172 billion on an annual basis. On an average, seven out of ten businesses were hit with phishing and the average loss is $2 million and $7.9 billion when phishing results in a data breach. Hence it is mandatory to know how to avoid phishing attacks

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