Pocket Wifi vs SIM Card – Which One is Better?

In today’s globalized world, people love to travel to different countries for various purposes such as holiday, business, or study. And they need to contact their family members and other loved ones by establishing a connection in a new country. Since it is difficult to find a free wifi connection, they look for shops at the Airport to buy pocket wifi or Sim Card to search different type of stuff in a new place. Now, the question arises, “what should one choose out of pocket wifi and SIM card?”. Well, Pocket wifi vs SIM card comparison contains many points to decide the better option out of the two. One must choose out of two after analyzing the best price and service related to SIM card and pocket wifi. However, in this post, we have mentioned in detail the difference between using pocket wifi and SIM card when traveling to other countries.


For a traveler, it is necessary to obtain a new SIM card on entering a new country to establish a connection with the loved ones. Having a 4G Sim card will help to connect with other people in an easy manner. It is the budget-friendly way for travelers to talk to other people on a trip. One must check the telecom plans of a new country before choosing a SIM card from the airport. And there is no need to return the SIM card after its use as one can simply destroy it as it would not be useful in one’s own country. It is possible to activate the SIM card at the airport with the help of staff and one can check the proper working of a SIM card before paying for it.

Pocket WIFI

Pocket Wifi is another option which you must try if you want to connect to other people in a foreign country. It is a suitable option for group travelers as it would save a lot of money and help group travelers to establish a connection with other people on a trip. Pocket Wifi is easier to set up than 4G SIM card and there is no need to deal with SIM-locked phones problem. One can connect up to 14 devices and it is an effective way to save a lot of cost for group travelers. One drawback of this service is that one cannot receive calls through pocket wifi but instead can only connect with other people via WhatsApp or any other messaging medium.


Before choosing the suitable option between pocket wifi and SIM card, it is mandatory for you to take into consideration several factors such as budget, the number of users, data usage, and convenience. If you are planning to travel in Korea, then check pocket wifi and Sim Card, the best price and service in Korea to get the best deal for you. Pocket wifi is a suitable option for group travelers whereas it is feasible for solo travelers to buy a SIM card.

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