Sending Anonymous SMS Made Easy with these Top 5 Websites

Who doesn’t want to have some fun in his or her life? And when that fun comes in terms of anonymity, it becomes even more amazing. How many of you have tried sending anonymous sms to your friends or family whenever you got a new number? I bet most of you would have done that.

The fun in this is just so much.

But now as the technology advances, this has become quite a difficult task. With apps like truecaller, one can easily find out who has sent them that anonymous message. So the charm of getting new number and making prank calls or sms are no longer there.

However, just like for other things in the world, here as well we have a solution to this simple problem.

There are so many apps existing today, that help you send anonymous sms to anyone you like, and no one would be able to find out who sent them such a message. Here I am going to list down 5 of those popular website which you can use to have some fun.

And to tell the truth, at the time of writing this article, even I got so much enthusiastic that I myself started having some fun with my best friends by sending anonymous sms to them. So, let’s look at how you can do that.

Websites to Send Anonymous SMS

It is one of the most preferred websites all over the world, if you are sending anonymous sms to anyone. It targets almost the entire world, making it easy for you to reach any user located anywhere in the world.

Send any message you like, and you can easily hide your own identity. One, you can use it to save that extra penny that is costed while sending the message. Two, you can send a message to anyone, situated anywhere in the world, which is usually not possible with your mobile carriers. And three, you can easily hide your identity and play pranks on the receiver.

Did you see how many benefits you get from just a single website?

BUT always remember, never misuse these free services to conduct any illegal activities. The penalties can be immense.

Get started with sending anonymous sms

This website is mainly for users in Canada and United States, that allows them to send anonymous sms to anyone within these 2 countries. The message that you will send, will be instantly delivered to the intended recipient. Ever since 2013, this website has been in use to provide a lot of comfort to the people of these places.

All you have to do is enter your email address, for getting replies. And then give the number you want to send sms to, along with a message that you wish to send. Along with sending anonymous sms, this website also helps you in saving those extra cents that are used in sending a simple text message.

Another major advantage of this website is that you can also integrate it with your own website, allowing your users to send sms directly from your pages too.

Seasms also helps you in connecting to people from any country in this world. Just enter the recipient number prefixed with their country code. Type in the message you want to communicate and your number for official purposes only, and hit the send button.

The receiver will get message anonymously only. But here, you can only type up to 160 characters in a single message. However, you can also send an MMS, or even bulk sms to users (but the latter one is paid, and starts from $20).

In short, you can not only send text sms using this website, but also your photos or videos too.

Through this website as well, you can target nearly any country in this world. Just enter the country you want to send anonymous sms to, and fill in the numbers along with the message. Hit the send button, and your message would reach the user instantly.

Using this service, you can carry out numerous tasks, such as confess your love to your loved one, send message for free when you don’t have sufficient balance, report fraud to the concerned authorities, and so much more.

This is another popular website that helps you in sending anonymous sms to your intended users. Along with customizing your own personal message, you can also send some pre – curated messages for special events such as christmas, new year, love, jokes, etc.

It helps you send your message to anyone in the world. Share your love or your feelings and have fun with this free sms service.

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