Why Consistency of Social Media Handles is the Key to Effective Branding

Do social media platforms become an important aspect of your brand promotion? Are you following the right tactics to operate your social media handles well? The answers to these two questions determine the success of any business in today’s technology-oriented world. The effective management of a social media handle is crucial for the success of any business. Many of you might have been wondering what exactly is a social handle.

To explain in a simple language, a social media handle is the username of a brand and it starts with a special character ‘@’. There are plenty of social media platforms available in today’s time that companies are using in order to promote their brands online among people and grow business effectively. Although it has become easier for them to reach the audience, it is more important to handle social media platforms in order to beat the competitors in the online market.

Reasons to Have a Consistent Handle on Social Media

For a new company, it sometimes becomes difficult to understand the importance of managing social media handles effectively. It is true that a social media handle must have a high number of followers and even many people buy followers on Instagram to increase their brand popularity. In order to make it clear we have mentioned the reasons for the need to have a consistent handle on social media for a given brand. With the evolving technology, the place of a business card has been taken by a social media handle. And it is important to keep it professional in order to ensure a high success of a business in today’s intense competition.

  • A catchy social handle makes it easier to establish an effective online identity.
  • It makes it easier to remember the company name for followers.
  • It makes communication all the more simple.
  • In order to express professionalism in the market.

Matching of Social Handle Name

There exist many examples of different online platforms that show how important it is to have the same social media handle name as that of a company. For example, if a company name is Make it then it is advisable to use the handle @makeit on various social media platforms namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google+). In case a person is finding it difficult to find an effective name for his social media handle, he can make use of online tools such as Namechk to ease out the job.

Things to Keep in Mind

It is not an easier thing to find social media handles that suit a company name hence it becomes all the more important to keep in mind certain things while selecting a name that matches a business with a domain name.

  • Avoid adding numbers before the name of a company.
  • Don’t make use of underscores as it makes it is easy to forget or mistype.
  • Do not use an abbreviation or misspelling of the name as it makes it difficult to remember.
  • Keep a check on the length of a name to make it easy to remember.

Ways to Express the Brand Names on Social Media Handles

There are plenty of different ways available that a person can make use of to express a brand name on a social media handle. Follow the below mentioned ways to do the same.

  • Make use of the residence to increase authority. (@makesitFL).
  • Addition of gravitas with’ ‘base’, ‘HQ’, or ‘I am’ (@makesitHQ)
  • Add the area of your specialty to your social media handle.
  • Express the personality of your brand effectively.
  • Seek customers’ feedback by using words such as ‘ask’.(@askmakesit)
  • Add terns such as ‘hello’, ‘this is’, ‘we are’ or ‘we make’ to make it appear friendly.

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