Tips to Increase Views on a Youtube Channel

Do you have a youtube channel? Are you receiving the desired response for your content on youtube? Most of the people will answer yes to the first question but it is not easy to nod the head in response to the second one. Youtube has not just a source of entertainment but it has become an excellent career option in today’s digital world. You might have observed the high number of views on some youtube channels and may be looking for marketing strategies to give your youtube channel a big boost.

In this post, we have enlisted the popular ways in which one can simply give one’s youtube channel a big boost by following some useful tips. The universe of youtube has a lot to offer for interested people who desire of becoming popular in a limited time with their creative work. The following are the ways to accomplish the target of high views on youtube in a simple manner.

Choose an Attractive Thumbnail

What is the first thing that people notice about any youtube video you post on your youtube channel? It is the thumbnail of a video that makes them click on your video. Hence, it is of utmost importance to have a good thumbnail but make sure that it is not just a clickbait. Because if you are looking to gain viewers with a clickbait then it will leave a negative impact on the growth of your youtube channel.

Make your Title Short but Appealing

The second thing that matters the most is the title of your video and it should be such that people find it interesting to click on it after seeing it. Choosing a view centric title will simply help you to gain more views on youtube videos. Attractive title and thumbnail will help you to gain more popularity on a youtube channel in a limited time.

Feature it on Youtube Page and Write Good Description

One way to attract more people to your youtube channel is by featuring it on your youtube page. All your followers looking for your current video must find it on your official youtube page. In addition to this, the video should have a nice description and an interesting storyline.

Post Short Videos Regularly

Another easy way to improve the number of followers on a video channel is by posting short and regular videos on your official youtube channel. People click on a video on seeing its length and they prefer to subscribe to a youtube channel with a regular stream of videos.

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