Top Illinois Chiropractor Begins Using Cancer-Detecting Technology On Clients

For women in the United States, breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer; just behind skin cancer. Although death rates have declined since 1989, it is still estimated that this year will see 41,760 of breast cancer cases result in death. 

Some of the ways women can reduce their risk of developing breast cancer is by staying active, refraining from smoking, and limiting alcohol consumption. In addition to this, it is imperative that women over the age of 45 are regularly screened by their doctor with a mammogram.

In addition to mammograms, a new technology known as “thermography” or “thermographic testing” can also be utilized for younger and older women alike. For Illinois-based Chiropractor, David Warner, this method of testing has been incorporated into his service offerings, potentially expanding the range of care offered by Denver chiropractor services

How does thermography work?

Thermographic tests work differently from mammograms in that they do not identify cancerous lumps of cells, but rather they identify heat patterns in the body. This is useful for detecting early signs of inflammation which may be a sign of cancer. 

How does it actually work? With the help of infrared technology. 

Patients stand in front of the infrared imaging system and six heat images of the body are taken. This can all be finished within 30 minutes and is not painful to patients. When tested regularly, chiropractors or doctors can easily look for patterns and changes in body heat over time. If they notice anything out of the norm, the patient is then advised to get a mammogram to determine if there are any cancerous cells present. 

Thermographic tests and mammograms: working together

A thermographic test should never replace regular mammograms for women over the age of 45. However when used in addition to yearly mammograms, patients can really benefit. 

Because mammograms scan for existing cancerous cells in the breasts, thermography is useful for determining cancer before it has even formed. This is why they work well together for a patient. If a thermographic test shows any abnormalities in body heat, the patient can then seek further testing with a mammogram. 

Thermography also carries no risks to the patient, so there is nothing to lose. For women over the age of 45, yearly mammograms can be supplemented with thermographic tests from their chiropractor; adding more opportunities for women to mitigate their risk of breast cancer. For younger women who are not advised to get yearly mammograms due to the exposure to radiation, it is a risk-free way to get in the habit of monitoring the health of their breasts.

Early detection at Denver chiropractor services

Early detection is proven to be the key to surviving breast cancer. And whilst it may not seem normal to screen for breast cancer at a chiropractor, it can only improve the patient’s ability to take control of their health by detecting signs of breast cancer before it even forms.

With the success at chiropractor David Warner’s clinic, it is only a matter of time until thermographic testing will improve client care at Denver chiropractor services as well.

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