Top Seven PPC Trends You Should Watch Out For This 2020

If you’re a PPC advertiser, then expect 2020 to be an awesome year for you with all the new technologies and trends! It’s a whole new decade, so expect even newer progressions to follow for improving your existing strategies. But wait- Is it really that important to keep in line with PPC trends if you want to make it to success?

Of course, it is! You’ll need to stay on top of the line and updated to keep a step ahead of your competitors. With that being said, be aware of these top seven relevant PPC trends you can try picking up for your brand.

Top Seven PPC Trends You Should Watch Out For This 2020

Many advertisers and marketers today wonder: what’s next for PPC and what’s coming up this 2020? Check out these seven expected trends and see if you can implement it to your strategies today:

  1. PPC Automation

PPC Automation, which refers to using both artificial intelligence and machine learning for automating labor-intensive tasks for ads, will probably be the biggest PPC trend this year. After all, there have been predictions about the global automation industry to expand rapidly, generating over $230 billion by 2021.

Sure, PPC automation isn’t the newest, but it plays a more crucial role this year, offering uses like:

  • Calculating bidding strategies for your goal
  • Setting bids to receive as many conversions possible
  • Enhancing CPC through looking for effective ad auctions
  • Stopping low-performing ads, prioritizing those that generate best results
  • Identifying performance issues in accounts
  • Generating ads based on the user’s behavior and site content
  • Creating and optimizing ad copies from data feeds through Google Scripts
  • Generating ad performance reports instantly
  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already changing the world in many ways, including those in the PPC world. With PPC, AI can have marketers create even more effective ad campaigns, providing the following uses:

  • Predicting future ads’ CTR
  • Calculating the impact of your ads based on its quality scores
  • Identifying the chances of conversion from customers
  • Analyzing buds that can receive maximum traffic
  • Optimizing ads, campaigns, or keywords as needed

It can help with Google, Bing, or even Amazon ads as well, utilizing PPC tools.

  1. Video Advertisements in PPC

We all know how big videos are becoming in terms of site content and marketing strategies. With everyone loving videos today, it will obviously affect the way PPC works now, too! This is how videos affect PPC this year:

Businesses and brands need to adapt to vertical video advertisements

Marketers will incorporate virtual reality for a more real experience for their views

Marketers will begin linking to their products from video advertisements

Instagram Stories will continue dominating the video marketing industry

  1. Smart Bidding

This is automated bidding strategies which use machine learning in order to optimize advertisements for conversion based on what your goals are. That way, it can remove the guesswork when you’re bidding for ads.

Google has an Ai system which can optimize conversions for every auction automatically. Simply set what your advertising goals are and their Smart Bidding feature will figure out how to do it on your budget. According to Joel House, this feature can work for various PPC goals, such as:

  • Target CPA
  • Target ROAs
  • Maximize your conversions
  1. Smart Segmentation

Everyone’s on mobile now and the number proves it! Mobile apps are predicted to generate almost $600 billion in revenue this year, through advertising and paid downloads.

With smart segmentation, it can help gaming app developers gain revenue from their non-spending players. It utilizes machine learning to segment users, basing on the chances they would spend money within apps they use.

Ads are only displayed to app users who aren’t as likely to create in-app purchases. This helps maintain good user experience while gaining revenue with ads.

  1. Voice Search In PPC Campaigns

You need to start prioritizing ad campaigns with voice search because up to 50% of searches will become voice-based. Besides this, voice shopping will grow, as well as voice commerce sales!

If you don’t begin PPC campaigns for voice now, then you’ll miss out on many opportunities to gain traction. Many people use voice search now because they’re always on their mobiles and prefer the conversational tone and question-oriented keywords.

  1. Virtual Reality Advertisements

The more people spend time using virtual reality, the more opportunities it gives for advertisers. These are ways VR will be able to transform your PPC ads:

  • VR utilizes eye-tracking technology when activating ads. When the user will look at it for a few moments, the ad plays.
  • VR gives insight into the different parts of the screen a viewer looks at, as well as the parts they interact with.
  • Millennial and Gen Z are major of VR users, so if that’s your target group, it’s time to get into VR for PPC ads.

Wrapping It Up

While some people would sit back to let technology and trends progress, it’s best to take that step first and be ahead of everyone. With the right planning, you can improve your strategies and reach your goals through PPC ads. And you’ll be surprised that current PPC trends can help you get to that!

I hope my list on the seven best PPC trends informed you of what you should begin doing this 2020! Start working with proper PPC Management and increase your efforts efficiently now.

Do you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences with PPC strategies and trends? Then share your comments below, your thoughts are much appreciated!

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