Top Strategies to Enhance your Email Conversions by Three Times in a Week

Many people consider that the days of email are over. But, the fact is far away from the truth. It is a powerful tool when it comes to conversions. Well, we can understand that driving traffic to your website is an essential aspect, but you have to think about your profit as well. And to witness gain, you can take help of the emails. So, let us contribute you with some tips that will help you to triple your email conversions in a week.

Utilize the heat maps

This is a convenient tool. It will assist you to acknowledge the behavior of the visitors to your website. Well, you must have witnessed that some customers will fill their shopping cart, but they will leave the page. Do you know why? Well, getting a heat map on the board will help you with this. You can determine the places on your website where the customer is spending most of his time. Well, with this, you can acknowledge the aspects that you need to get rid of your website.

Tempting offers

Providing your customers with some fantastic offers can never go wrong. It will do wonders for you if you provide your clients with some fantastic offers. In return, you can ask them their email address. This phenomenon is also known as a lead magnet. In exchange for their email address, you can offer them with plugins, e-books, or some discount codes. But make sure to run your collected email list through an email checker to eliminate any redundant or false emails. 

Make the website compatible for mobile

Well, if you cannot make your website compatible with mobile, you cannot expect the desired conversion rates. Therefore, it is essential to create a website that is compatible with your mobile. Right now, most people surf sites from their mobile. With each passing day, it is becoming the most preferred method of accessing the internet. The best option that you can opt for is to format the landing page by using a responsive design. In this way, you can reach up to the device of all the users.

Exit-intent popup

There is a possibility that people who are using your website have activated the ad blockers. Well, most of the times, the ads are annoying and intrusive. So, try to incorporate popups 20 seconds after the customer visits your website. Besides, you can also opt for the Exit-intent popups. It will pop on the customer’s screen, when or she is about to leave the website.

So, this is how you can triple your email conversion rates within a week.

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