Different Types of Printing you can Try for Various Purposes

How many types of printing services do you know? Most of the people reading this question would only be able to name two or three printing services as per their knowledge. Not everyone makes use of every type of printing in one’s daily life and it is simply because of the fact that different kinds of printing are used in different fields. Due to technological advancement, many printing styles and services have been available for various purposes. In this post, we have mentioned the printing types which one can try to advertise about anything or to take out the hard copy of any document.

Digital Printing

The first one to the list of different types of printing services is digital printing. In this printing type, a digital-based image is converted to the printed format with the use of physical surfaces such as paper, film, plastic, photographic paper or cloth. It is the most common type of printing which is used by people across the world. Whether you want to print the design of a school brochure or any other media related to your project, digital printing is required.

There are various types of printers available to make use of digital printing. Inkjet and laser printer are the common types which have been in high-use by people. In digital printing, different impressions are produced on the paper with the use of ink or toner. And the ink or toner forms a layer on the paper surface instead of absorbing into the paper. Digital printing has brought an industrial revolution in the world in a limited time span.

Offset Printing

Offset printing involves the use of Aluminium plates for printing. Using this technique, the inked image is transferred from the plate to a rubber blanket and then it is rolled onto the sheet of paper. Offset printing offers a lot of advantages over other types of printing services available for printing purposes. Through this type of printing, a sharper picture can be produced. The blanket adjusts as per the texture of the printing surface which results in the production of a high-quality image as a result.


Flexography is used by corrugated box manufacturers for packaging purposes and because of this, it is also known as flexo. Using the polymer material, a master copy of the resultant image or a 3D relief is created which is then used to do a flexo print. This type of printing requires anilox roll or printing cylinder and it is highly used by cardboard box manufacturers all across the world. Flexography painting involves the pouring of ink on the surface of the printing plate to generate the result.

Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing involves the direct imprint of ink media onto an open surface and the text is printed with movable type. In this printing, the raised surface of the type is inked which is then pressed against a receptive surface in order to obtain a reverse image.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is used for creating garments, clocks, and birthday cake designs on a daily basis. The stencils are used to create sharp-edged images. The screen involves in this type of printing involves a finely woven fabric which stretches over an aluminum frame. After this, the stencil is used to block the images required for printing.

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