What are the Different Types of CNC Machine Operations?

CNC (computer numerical control) machining is commonly used in various manufacturing and industrial processes. It is widely used for removing layers of material from a workplace in order to produce a certain design as per the demand. The computerized control and machine tools are employed in the process to use CNC machining. While executing the CNC machining process, there are a number of operations which must be done in order to complete the work.

CNC machining is used in a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, agriculture, construction, etc. to produce a variety of products such as automobile frames, airplane engines, surgical equipment, to name a few. And it is employed on a wide range of materials such as metals, plastics, glass, foam, and composites. Here are the common operations which are involved in the CNC machining:


The first operation involved in CNC machining process is drilling. It is used to produce cylindrical holes in the workpiece with the help of multi-point drill bits and high quality machinery from kpdiesel. The drill bits are aligned perpendicularly to the plane of the workpiece’s surface which results in the production of a hole equals the diameter of drill bits. Angular drilling is also used as a variation of drilling which uses specialised machine configurations. Under drilling, various process such as counterboring, countersinking, and reaming and tapping are contained in it.


Milling is used for removing the material from a workpiece with the help of rotating multi-point cutting tools. In the milling process, the direction of the CNC machine is the same as that of the rotating direction of the cutting tool. This is just the opposite of manual milling as in this case, the direction is simply to the opposite of the cutting tool’s rotation. Under the milling process, various operations such as face milling and peripheral milling into the workpiece material.


In turning operation, single point turning tools are used to remove material from the rotating workpiece in order to give it a particular design. The CNC machine is used to feed the cutting tool linearly along the surface to remove the circumference. Under the CNC turning operation, various steps such as boring, facing, grooving and thread cutting are involved.

So, these are the popular operations involved in a CNC machining service which are highly used in the manufacturing sector.

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