What is Adplexity?

You may have heard the names of various ad spy tools in the present market. Lots of affiliate marketers have started relying on these tools to simplify their job. Now, we are going to tell you about Adplexity, one of the most known ad spy tools. With the easy-to-use interface, this tool has gained high popularity. It also has various operation modes, and each of them collects important data from the web world. In this way, this tool helps the affiliate marketers to take the right action for their campaign.

AdPlexity is one of the effective and powerful intelligence tools for native, mobile, and desktop ads. 


When your target is the mobile platform, the tool helps you to track the lucrative ad campaign, run by different competitors for various mobile platforms. Thus, you may easily find out the mobile ad types and make the right decision on your campaign.


Now, let us talk about the management of native ads. The specialized tool is effective at monitoring different sources of native traffic. You can identify the most successful ads. The tool will cover most of the campaigns, targeting the tabs, Android and iOS Smartphones, iPad and PC (Windows and Mac).

You can download the landing pages and analyze them to find the right keywords from the successful advertising campaign.


Adplexity enables you in identifying the desktop traffic sources. You can find desktop ads, run all over the world.

In addition, there is also eCommerce tool for AdPlexity users. This unique tool helps in accessing the data from several e-stores. You can filter through lots of products and find out their profitability. You may increase your revenue by analyzing them thoroughly. For that, adplexity desktop coupon is here which can help you get this tool at much cheaper prices and assist you in growing your business.

Do the novices get instant value from using AdPlexity?

Everything depends on whether the new affiliate marketer has the capability of interpreting the data, gathered with the tool. By using the innovative tool, you can find out the traffic sources, networks, landing pages and ad formats, relevant to you. The detailed insights will be useful to you in starting your own campaign.

When you are lucky, you can easily detect the best affiliate marketer and his ad copy. This will increase the chance of gaining profit. However, remember that you must not bluntly copy his ads. It will not give you the desired results. Thus, you only have to get some knowledge from others’ campaign.

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