What is Mobile SAR Value & How to check SAR Value of any Phone?

Mobile SAR value can be a bit confusing for many people. But somewhere, everyone is aware that it has to do something with radiations of a phone. When you talk on a phone, you are exposing yourself to some radiations of the mobile. And that happens due to signal exchange between a base station and a mobile phone. But nevertheless, they are harmful. And that is exactly what SAR value helps us find.

So before we begin on how to check SAR of a phone, let’s see what this SAR value is.

What is Mobile SAR Value?

SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate. It measures the rate of absorption of radio frequency(RF) energy by the body, when emitted from the source, which in our case is a mobile. So a Mobile SAR value would be the absorption rate by the body when RF is being emitted from the given mobile. In other words, it measures the RF exposure characteristics of a phone.

Each phone has different SAR value associated with it, because each of them emits different radio frequencies. But people have many misconceptions associated to it as well.

  • Having lowest SAR value does not at all means that a human body is exposed to very less radio frequencies.
  • Neither it means that it is safe to use a low SAR value phone as compared to a high SAR value phone.

Mobile SAR value is definitely important to find out RF exposure, but this alone is not sufficient. They are only to ensure that the phones do not exceed the maximum limit of RF exposure set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The Mobile SAR Value only gives us the maximum limit of absorption rate under worse conditions. And it is not the typical exposure of a body resulted from that phone.

So now when you are aware of what a mobile SAR value is, how do you calculate it? And more importantly what are the phones which have low SAR values?

SAR of phone

How to check SAR Value?

We all know that radiations are harmful for a human body. Yet, nothing in this world can work without having a cell phone.

But you can definitely work your way around by going for those low SAR phone available in the market. And you can easily check which phone has low SAR value. Although SAR value is not the absolute ground of which phone has lowest radiation, it still helps saving you from maximized danger.

So here are some ways that will help you find out the Mobile SAR value.

Search Engines

When there is Google, why do you need anything else. Google or whatever search engine you use, you can easily check the mobile SAR value here. Simply type the name of mobile phone model you wish to check, followed by “SAR value”. And there you go. You would get the Mobile SAR value of your phone in the search result itself. 

USSD code

You do not have to use internet at all if you wish to find out the SAR values. Simply dial *#07# from your mobile keypad and press call button. This USSD code is valid for all mobile phones. And with this, you can easily find out what is the maximum permissible limit, and what is the SAR value of your phone.

These SAR values and limits are different for some countries. So check that twice before you result in the conclusions.

Mobile Phone Settings

You can also find about the SAR of your phone directly in your phone settings. Go to General settings in your phone, and click on “About phone”. This is for Android phones. If you have iOS, you need to go to General > Legal > RF Exposure, to find out about the Mobile SAR value. These settings will easily let you know the required information.

FCC Website

FCC is the commission which calculates and manages SAR of each phone model. So you can directly land on the website of FCC, and find out the SAR of your phone. But for this, you need to know 2 things beforehand.

  1. Phone’s grantee code
  2. Product code

Each phone has these values attached to it. You can easily find both these values in the user manual of your phone, or on your phone’s casing for which you have to remove the battery. But since most of the phones today do not have removable batteries, user manual helps.

Once you got both these values, switch to the FCC website and follow the given instructions on the site.

Mobile Phone Manufacturer website

You can also find the needed information on the website of your mobile manufacturer. Every manufacturer must include safety information of their models on their website. And SAR definitely categorizes as the safety point. You will find this information on either a subpage about RF health, or the support section.

User Manual

Even your user manual also carries this information. You might not carry that along with you all the time, so you can either go back home and check, or simply download the PDF of user manual from online. There you will find your required information and safety criteria in complete details.

You should definitely find out the SAR value of your phone before buying, in order to stay assured that you are least exposed to the radiations. All the time you are exposed to the radiations, so you definitely don’t want to overdo the dosage.

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