Why Businesses Need a Disaster Recovery Program?

No business runner would ever want to wake up one morning and loses his/her company data. Data disaster is happening with businesses every day so there is a possibility that it could happen anywhere. The data disaster can ruin an organization’s operation and reputation. Managing, collecting, processing, transmitting and storing data are the biggest challenges for organizations. To eradicate the worry of data loss, businesses should go for a disaster recovery plan that helps them from all the automatic and manual threats.

Scroll down to know how a great disaster recovery plan is essential for businesses.

Protect Business From Malware

Although businesses are using software and hardware technology to protect their data, data crash is still affecting most of the data owners. It can be due to physical error, user error, or a corrupt file system. These are the primary reasons of data crash and increases the presence of malware.

In 2018, the FBI had reported over 1,493 cases fo ransomware with a total loss of $3,621,857. There are many new forms of ransomware such as SamSam, CryptoFortress, and TeslaCrypt. A secure and efficient backup plan in the disaster recovery program protect businesses from ransomware. Data owners should test their backup regularly to ensure it is working efficiently.

Check all Possible Threats to Businesses

Threats can come in all forms and sizes. A business should check all possible threats and categorize them as per the intensity of impact and with what system they are built. The disaster recovery plan includes a clear picture of the used system downtime tolerance to check how the system can withstand without a big impact.

Then it will be easy to calculate the cost of responding to the disaster based on the system downtime tolerance. Ontrack Award to Flash Summit 2019 for data storage, backup, and recovery, businesses should use this program to check all possible threats.

Provides Data Security

Businesses generate, collect and store a lot of data. It is like their backbone. The disaster recovery plan protects this data with a top priority. The amount of stored data is increasing and it is becoming vulnerable to lose due to a variety of external circumstances. The data recovery plan applies the strict troops for the backup and recovers the data. It also ensures that your data is safe from an attack and handles it securely.

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