DJ WilSAF – Biography, Facts & Information

DJ WilSAF is recognized by the world as The Master Selector, owing to his exceptional mixing skills. He is a DJ and radio presenter, and has worked under the same profession for nearly 2 decades now. Through this article, we intend to share some interesting facts and information about his life, overall sharing his Biography with all his fans.

DJ WilSAF is the stage name of Wilmot Faulkner. He recognized his love for music at the age of 9, when he was a choir member at Wesley Methodist Church of Sierra Leone. He landed his first job as a DJ and radio broadcaster in 1996 at the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation. After 7 years here, he continued at another popular station, SKYY Radio for around 5 years.

Wherever he went, he used to work as a DJ/Presenter, where he organized and sometimes conducted live talk shows, held the interviews, promoted music and artists of Sierra Leone, assisted editors with daily programmes, and so on. Today, most of the times, he is booked for wedding receptions, or any other kind of functions, to present his skills as a DJ.

Some interesting facts about the DJ and Radio Presenter

  • DJ WilSAF is the founder and CEO of SELAKIFAU Limited.
  • He is also the owner of FusionSound Radio, where he hosts live radio on Monday and Friday nights.
  • Along with being a DJ and radio presenter, he also works as a web consultant.
  • He is a family man, who loves to spend a lot of time with his family. If not working, he would be seen spending time with his loved ones, or taking a vacation with his friends and family.
  • He is a dedicated fan of Football, Basketball and Tennis.
  • His favourite Football team is Arsenal FC, and favourite Basketball team is Boston Celtics.
  • His dream destination is Brazil.

These were some interesting facts and a bit of the information about the life of DJ WilSAF. I am sure even you would also start loving his work, once you listen to him playing on any of the events.

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