What is the Matter of Cervical Mucus During Pregnancy?

Cervical mucus is slippery and sticky substance, which comes out of your vagina, and it depends on, your monthly periods, and it has some tales to tell. Although vaginal discharge is not considered as the sign of pregnancy, it can be a hint that you might be with a baby.

The discharge of cervical mucus is different before conception and after. At the time of your period, this very thing is hidden by the blood but it’s there. In so many cases, the very fluid is taken as the sign for fertility in women. If you want to know more about this matter, then, you need to go through this article, and you will surely be helped.

Before Conception

When you are trying to get pregnant, you will get to hear about, early pregnancy cervical mucus. You will also hear the talks about the color and amount of it. However, different women have a varying mindset about it,

  • The moment you are having the period, any kind of cervical fluid will be masked by blood flow.
  • When your period ends, you will not see minimum to no cervical mucus for so many days
  • The moment the eggs starts to ripen, in order to prepare for release, your cervix produces mucus. This is the early stage, so, it’s normally cloudy, or light yellow in color.
  • The days before the ovulation, the mucus early pregnancy starts to get clear, and it takes the form of water rather than slippery.
  • The day you will see the increased amount of mucus, you should know that you are most fertile that day.
  • When the ovulation is over, the mucus will become sticky, for some days.
  • If you take note of this cervical mucus discharge, you will get a good idea about your body.
  • You can check this with a toilet paper, in the bathroom.

Mucus Discharge After Conception

If you are trying to conceive, and if you are tracking the cervical mucus, hoping that it will give you an early signal. However, any change to cervical mucus before you have taken a pregnancy test might not an early pregnancy sign. In case, if you get to check an increase in cervical mucus, it can always interpret as your period is on its way. You need to look for other things which can be the brownish tinged discharge of mucus, and this can be a signal of implantation. This can also be a positive sign of pregnancy or it can be the sign of period.

Even though the cervical mucus doesn’t give you the signal of pregnancy, but it plays a crucial role when you are finally pregnant. As you grow ahead in the pregnancy, there starts another type of discharge called, leucorrhea. This very thing enhances, for the flow of blood into the reproductive organs. You will see that it’s slightly milky and has no odor. You can understand this by the dampness in your bottom wear. Sometimes the feeling might go away and at the time it stays.

To prevent this, you can wear panty liners, which will help with the damp feeling. In any case, if you see that the discharge has a smell, you need to check with your doctor immediately, because, it can be a sign of infection.

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