Different Number of Roses Meaning to Convey the Right Message

When did you last offer roses to your loved ones? Did you count the number of roses in a bouquet before offering it to the other person? Most of the time people only take note of the color of flowers but don’t really pay attention to its counting. It is because they don’t have any clear knowledge about the number of roses meaning due to which they give roses without thinking about the same. Flowers help to express the emotions and feelings of a person for another person. Due to the available online facilities, we can easily send flowers to our international destinations in a limited period of time.

  • 1 Rose – Reflects “Love at First Sight”
  • 2 Roses – It shows the other person the deep love you have for him/her.
  • 3 Roses – Convey the message “I Love you”
  • 4 Roses – In order to signify that nothing will come between the two of us.
  • 5 Roses – A group of 5 roses is given to show the love and care for a partner
  • 6 Roses – If some gifts 6 roses to his love, then it conveys the message that “I want to be yours.”
  • 7 Roses – I’m infatuated with you.
  • 8 Roses – To show support for a person who is facing a tough time in his life.
  • 9 Roses – A 9 rose bouquet is given to show the other person the feelings of love and to say that you want to hold his hand throughout life.
  • 10 Roses – Reflects the state of perfection in a romantic relationship.
  • 12 Roses – 12 roses are given to ask the crush to be yours.
  • 13 Roses – Friends forever.
  • 18 Roses – Symbolises trueness and sincerity. It is used to tell a loved one to stay young and beautiful.
  • 24 Roses – To say that you are thinking about your love all the time.
  • 30 Roses – A 30 roses bouquet is given to express the faithfulness for your partner.
  • 33 Roses – In order to show affectionate love.
  • 40 Roses – To express the Genuity of love.
  • 47 Roses – In order to signify that you a person is the only special one in your life.
  • 50 Roses – It is used to express that you have made the right decision by choosing the other person as your love.
  • 66 Roses – Nothing is going to change the love for your partner.
  • 77 Roses – You are my soul mate.
  • 88 Roses – In order to apologize for a mistake in a relationship.
  • 99 Roses – I will love you till the day I take my last breath.
  • 100 Roses – It shows a true devotion towards a love partner.

So, this was the list of a number of roses meaning to help you convey the right message to your love partner. Offering roses on a special occasion and other important moments is one of the signs of a true romantic relationship.

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