Hard Floor Camper Trailer Buying Guide

Hard floor camper trailers are fantastic for unlocking how you adventure and really enabling you to get out there in the most comfortable fashion possible. Camper trailers give you all of the freedom and exploration that you love about camping, with none of the back pain and none of the fuss – if that sounds idyllic, that’s because it is! Investing in your hard floor camper trailer is going to transform your overall camping lifestyle and although it might seem like a big commitment, it really doesn’t have to be just so long as you select a model that’s entirely right for you. Here is everything you need to know about purchasing a hard floor camper trailer for yourself and your fellow camping family…

Break down your budget

Budget is a big one when it comes to purchasing something significant like a camper trailer. Yes, sitting down and doing the maths is not exactly the most exciting part of the camper trailer buying process, but it is the most important one! Figure out the figures before you start shopping to streamline your hunt and lead yourself towards models that are realistic for your means! If you can’t find a brand new model in your budget you could always look at second hand camper trailer models. These are a great budget friendly option!

Buy local

Try to stick to locally sourced material and craftsmanship to avoid overpaying for lower quality camper trailer models. Keeping it local with a reputable provider who’s transparent with their camper trailers is the best way to ensure that you’re treating yourself to a high quality secure camper that lasts for countless adventures to come.

Choose forward, rear or dual folding

You’ll find hard floor camper trailers come in forward folding, rear folding or dual folding styles. Forward folds hinge forwards, rear folds expand from a hinge at the rear whilst dual folds expand from both. A dual fold camper trailer is particularly spacious giving you the size and storage of a caravan whilst maintaining the freedom of a camper trailer.

Off roading capabilities

If you plan on getting that hard floor camper trailer out on some untouched terrain then it’s important to get yourself one that has off roading capabilities. Off road camper trailers are perfect for those who have a real adventurous seek in them and who want to exercise that tendency on a regular basis. You’ll be able to explore through the bush and outback with one of those on your side! A lot of hard floor camper trailers are also off road models, but you should definitely scrutinise the specification all the same. Being attentive is the key to investing in a camper trailer model that’s just right for you and the way that you like to camp.

Getting the right kind of advice

Lastly, you need to ensure that you’re gathering advice from all of the right places. You’ll find a lot of information out there so you’ll want to filter that through and only really take advice from those who know how to help you out! Try researching from resources such as camper trailer providers, magazines and even camper trailer trade shows. These events, which can be virtual or in person depending on where you are, can direct you towards individuals who know precisely what they are talking about. You’ll also get advice that is tailored towards yourself and your unique circumstances. You can also ask your camping community at your favourite campground or reach out to those who you’ve met out on your many adventures, those who’ve lived it are those who know best!

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