How to do a REVs Check?

REVs stands for Register of Encumbered Vehicles. This is the test that is required to be performed on used cars, if you are living in Australia. REVs check is a process to check out whether the vehicle is registered in the PPSR database or not.

PPSR is a personal property security registration, and it includes single security interest information. REVs check also ensures a car owner whether the earlier owner still has money related link with the car or not. If your vehicle has residual debt, then it is risky to become a legal owner.

How to get this check done?

Free REVs check is available at local RTA and certificate can be obtained by paying fees. But RTA REVs does not give you full information about the vehicle. There are several other pieces of information which you must know to stay assured of your car condition.

Given below is the information which is the part of the complete REVs check, and which you should be aware of.

  • It is necessary to know whether the car met an accident during its service time or not, and the result should be written on the report.
  • Check whether the seller of the vehicle is owner or dealer. The car may be stolen to sell.
  • You should know whether the car has current registration or not.
  • Checking odometer is necessary to know about the condition of the car. The tempered odometer can mislead you in the future.
  • You also need to check for how much time the car can remain in service.

All these factors must be ensured in REVs check to make sure that your deal with the seller is beneficial for you. If you are planning to buy a used car, then you should go for REVs check. And doing the REVs check is very easy. You can visit to download your car’s REVs test report.

Once you have opened revscheckreport, you will be prompted to enter either VIN or Rego. VIN is a seventeen-digit identification number of the car and Rego is the plate number. Just enter one of them. Next step is to confirm all the details of the car such as vehicle type, engine, color, and model.

After checking all the details, pay report fee through available sources of payment. After finishing the payment process, a detailed REVs check report would be sent to you through e-mail. A detailed summary of the report would also be sent to you through SMS.

This way, you would be able to do the REVs check of your vehicle and be ensured of a safe deal.

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