How to Paint Walls with a Paint Sprayer

Indoor painting is less complicated than outdoor painting for some factors such as weather, the color of the paint, and the tools to be used. A paint sprayer is not recommendable to be used for outdoor painting but it is one of the quickest ways to do. It is easier to achieve a perfect finish if you use a paint sprayer. It is quick, but it has the tendency to be not safe if you will not do the painting using a sprayer the proper way. If you are not sure how to do so, you can ask for help from a professional painter. You can book a service from them here. If it is the first time for you to do a painting project using a sprayer, seeking advice from the professional highly necessary. 

If convenience and shorter time period is the aim of painting your wall, then you might want to really consider using a paint sprayer instead. Painting project using a sprayer will require lesser work than the usual painting using a brush. In doing a painting project using a sprayer, there are three processes to follow: (1) preparation time; (2) painting; (3) finishing up. With these three processes are different steps to follow and here are those:

Preparation time:

  1. If you will paint your wall, cover everything that you do not want to be painted that includes doors and windows. Make sure also your things inside the room or house is secured. You can use any cover-up like clothes, or plastic covers. Whatever you have available. Cover your sockets, switches and other interior displays. This is also important to keep the switches and sockets secure for safety purposes. 
  2. Cover your floor. If you have a huge clothe, that would be better because it is not slippery. You can use anything you have also like used tarpaulins. Just make sure that you will no longer use those only for cover-ups because surely it will be painted. 
  3. Wear a cover-up for your face and clothes. As mentioned, paint sprayer can be riskier than the usual paintbrush. The tendency of using a paint sprayer is it can spit everywhere. 


  1. Pour all the paint into a larger container or bucket.
  2. Fill the sprayer with paint. If you bought the sprayer, there should be a manual of instructions on how to do this. It will depend on the product you bought. Make sure to follow all the instructions provided to assure safety.
  3. Before spraying the paint on the actual wall, try spraying it on a different item just to make sure the spray is working properly. Generously spray paint. Spray multiple coats unlike doing brush painting.

Finishing Up:

  1. Give at least a day or two for the paint to dry.
  2. Once the paint is completely dry, you can now remove the cover-ups you put on everything. 
  3. Clean your paint sprayer as how the manual says. There is a proper way to clean the paint sprayer so that you will not break it. Make sure that you followed the instructions properly.

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