Most Expensive Mattress One Can Purchase to take Sound Sleep

Are you planning to purchase the most expensive mattress to improve your sleep? If so, then it can be considered as a good idea for the sleeping environment plays a crucial role in deciding the quality of sleep a person takes. Some people might raise a question over investing a high amount of money to buy a sleeping mattress. But it is imperative for a person to sleep on a suitable bed in order to feel fresh mentally and remove body fatigue.

There are many expensive mattress brands available on different online or offline stores. The whole point of buying an expensive mattress is to ensure quality sleep time at night. As the importance of sleep has been proved by many studies, it becomes all the more important to use a suitable mattress for the bed to sleep well. There are plenty of mattress brands available to offer the right mattress for quality sleep. People also search for the best kids mattress in order to help their children enjoy their sleeping period.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose one out of the most expensive mattresses in the world available in today’s time. Hence, we have enlisted all the available mattresses in this category to help you choose an appropriate one.

Most Expensive Mattresses Available

Below, we have mentioned all the most expensive mattresses in the world to help a buyer decide the suitable one for his bed. All the important details related to every enlisted mattress have been given below and it will make it easier for everyone to choose the most expensive mattress brand as per one’s budget.

Floating Bed

  • Floating Bed from Universe Architecture is the most expensive mattress you can buy for your bedroom.
  • Created by Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars, the floating bed mattress will make you feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud.
  • A magnet system has been used in this mattress that makes it hover about 16 inches above the ground and it gives a feeling of weightlessness to a person.
  • Due to its luxury look and a high price of $1.6 million, it has been considered as the most expensive mattress in the world.
  • Over seven years have been utilized in carrying out the R&D working for making floating bed mattress.


  • Hastens, the Swedish-based mattress company has been making mattresses for over 150 years. And preparing every piece of its mattress takes in between 150-160 hours in total.
  • With the use of high-quality material including wool, horsetail hair, cotton, and layers of flax, a hand-crafted mattress is prepared by Hastens.
  • Hastens makes use of exceptional techniques such as a 10-turn pocket spring system in order to prepare a mattress. In order to avoid creaking sounds during the movement, flax is placed in between different springs connected with durable yarn.
  • The cost of Hasten mattresses falls in the range of $67000 to $200,000 and the company gives a guarantee for 25 years to every user. It has got a unique outer look that makes it different from other mattresses.
  • In order to avoid issues such as misshaping, puckering, the craftsman makes use of blue and white checked cotton fabric and double quilts the material while building a mattress.


  • Kluft started offering its handcrafted and expensive mattress from 1986. The company has made its name for being a leader in offering one of the most expensive mattresses to people.
  • Kluft makes use of fine materials, experienced craftsmanship, innovative technology, and work of perfection for making an expensive mattress.
  • The cost of this mattress stands at $30,000 and it is worthy of peaceful sleep at night.
  • The high-quality materials such as cotton, wool, cashmere, horsehair, and mohair have been used in it.

VI Spring

  • VI Spring has been providing an extensive collection of mattresses for the last 100 years and it has been handcrafting luxury mattresses by including firmness as well as softness in them.
  • All the work including making the springs, hand-nesting each pocket spring, hand-stitching, assembling natural fillings, applying tape edging, hand-tufting, and crafting the frame has been done with hands.
  • VI Spring mattress costs $20,000 and keeping in mind the luxury as well as the comfort it provides, one should go for it.


  • Hypnos is a family-owned British mattress company that been actively producing quality mattresses for four generations. From the year 1904, they started making handcrafted pocket spring beds that give all the more comfort to users.
  • It is the high-quality of mattresses from Hypnos that makes them suitable to use in various palaces and hotels all over the globe.
  • The cost of each mattress from the company stands at $15,000 and one can enjoy the royal feel in using these mattresses.


  • Duxiana is the answer to all those people who are looking for a comfortable mattress.
  • Special care has been taken by manufacturers in making these mattresses to help people wake up in a comfortable manner. For all those who face back pain and body ache, Duxiana is the best and the most expensive mattress to buy on any day.
  • DUX is one such category from all the Duxians models that help a sleeping person maintain the right posture and alignment in mind. The price of this model stands at $13,000 and it helps a person align his back, shoulders, and hips in order to avoid any pain while sleeping.

Royal Pedic

  • Royal Pedic has made available all the comfortable mattresses at a price range of $3,000 – $9,000. The company got started in Los Angeles, California in 1946 and its mattresses made its name among the elite people ranging from actors to presidents.
  • All the mattresses from Royal Pedic are made with hands by making use of high-quality material. The experienced craftsmanship is used to make hypoallergenic mattresses from cotton.

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