Ranveer Singh Diet Plan & Workout – Follow your Favorite Star’s Footsteps

Ever since Ranveer Singh stepped into the Bollywood industry, he has been wooing the audience with his quirky nature, impressive acting, funky clothing and that cool, yet hot body. And because of his body transition from the 1st movie to the latest one, he has managed to make quite an impression on people. Now these people have become curious to know the Ranveer Singh Diet Plan and the Workout routine in order to make similar impression on their near ones.

When we talk about the successful actors today, Ranveer Singh is definitely counted amongst the top now. And that is possible due to the exceptional talent he holds. There are many things which we resonate with the actor when we think about it, for example:

  • Funny Clothing
  • Hot Body
  • Love for Deepika Padukone
  • Cheerful Personality
  • Sizzling and Deep Acting

After all, who can ever forget the great Khilji in the epic movie, Padmaavat. Be it his professional life, or his love life with Deepika Padukone, Singh takes every role quite seriously and lovingly. And probably that is why, Ranveer Singh’s workout routine is also very rigorous and serious.

Here I will be sharing with you Ranveer Singh Diet Plan as well as Workout if you also wish to become fit just like your favorite actor.

Ranveer Singh Workout Routine

Let’s first start with the workout he usually does in the Gym or anywhere he finds comfortable.

  • He believes in working out for 1.5 hours each, in morning as well as evening. It is essential to burn that excess fat you consume in your daily life and which is stored in your body since so long.
  • This 1 hour training starts with 10 minutes warm up. And that is followed by 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).
  • In HIIT, he usually does exercises like pushups, pull-ups, dips, burpees, etc. All of them are vigorous exercises and need to be done with proper interval duration as recommended.
  • Along with this, he also takes care of strengthening exercises and core training. These include free hand movements and muscle building.
  • According to Ranveer, gyming alone is not sufficient. He also goes for running, cycling, playing a sport, or swimming.

Ranveer Singh Workout Routine

Ranveer Singh Diet Plan

After having a good idea about what kind of workout Ranveer Singh follows, it is important to club it with proper diet if you plan to do the same. A good body cannot be formed unless you take care of diet along with the exercises. Also, you need to consider some facts before you begin with the diet.

What is your major aim here? Do you want to lose weight or build your body?

Ranveer Singh follows a diet which would help him in the body building. So if you are looking for some weight loss tips, it is better to refer the internet for the same. OR, you can also go with simple black or green coffee along with a lot of water throughout the day, while following the similar workout routine.

Without a major weight loss diet, you can easily lose weight if you ignore all the fatty foods and drink lots of healthy fluid, and at the same time workout rigorously.

So let’s move to Ranveer Singh Diet Plan now, to help you in building your body.

  • Ranveer Singh eats every 2.5-3 hours to keep theĀ metabolism high. He advises never to miss any meal.
  • He takes a balanced diet, which has a good amount of protein (required for building muscles), some carbohydrates, and healthy fat (unsaturated fats, like almonds, etc.).
  • Oil and Salt are taken in minimum quantity, only if very essential.
  • The quantity of protein shakes is also high in his diet, since the sole purpose here is to build the body and muscles by repairing them quickly. You can skip this if you do not plan to build muscles.

Breakfast – His breakfast usually consists of a high carbohydrate diet, which is required to fuel the body for the day and workout. This includes egg whites, chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables. The fruits with low Glycemic Index are generally preferred.

Snacks – Dried fruits, like Almonds, Walnuts and other similar nuts are consumed usually before every main meal. This helps provide the needed nutrition.

Lunch – Ranveer Singh takes a high protein rich food during this time. This includes roasted chicken, honey salmon, stir fried lamb, and stir fried vegetables.

Dinner – This is also similar to Lunch, but lighter. Here as well, protein rich food is preferred by the actor.

This was a complete Ranveer Singh Diet Plan. You can obviously change the dishes according to what you like. But the main intention is same. Breakfast should be high in carbs, and lunch and dinner should be high in protein. Also, dinner should be the lightest meal of the day. while Breakfast should be the heaviest.

Some More Fitness Tips

The actor shares some more tips with his fans on maintaining the fitness level he has achieved. There is nothing difficult in this. All you need is self control, and everything would be made easy. So, here are some of those tips for you.

  • Train your body each day, without fault. Do not miss any day, until unless very much required. Also, always do a proper warm up before you begin with any kind of exercise. This needs to be done in order to prepare your body for upcoming pressure.
  • Eat simple home made food, since here you can control oil as well as salt. Obviously, you need to discard sugar, white rice, and other similar food from your diet.
  • Till the time you are planning on training your body, do not consume alcohol. It weakens your immune system drastically.
  • Happiness is also a key factor in maintaining your fitness. So be happy, and you will start noticing positive results.

This was all about Ranveer Singh Workout and Diet Plan. You can modify all of this according to what suits your body. But try to stick to the main ingredients and motive behind the same. I am sure you would be able to follow your star’s footsteps with just a little more motivation and self confidence.

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