3 Best Premier League Teams in Football World

In the football world, there are many football clubs which comprise of popular teams which play important in various leagues. Some of the premier league teams are average but other teams enjoy huge popularity because of their excellent record in various competitions of football. We have prepared a list of 3 best premier league teams in the football world which are known for their excellent track record. The criteria for our selection are wins, winning difference, goals, etc. We have also mentioned some of the important details about these league teams. All the below-mentioned league teams are not only the favorite of all the football fans but also enjoy huge popularity among people who love to place their money on football matches in sports betting.

Manchester City

Manchester City is one of the most expensive premier league team which consists of all the top players of the world. Whether it is goal margin, number of wins, number of goals, ranking, or any other criteria, Manchester city enjoys top spot in the list of premier league teams. Man City’s manager Pep Guardiola has done a remarkable work in enhancing the capability of its players’ which is why the team enjoys great popularity in the world. Man City is also a popular team among all the people who love to place bets on football matches with the help of websites such as sofascore and rb88.


Arsenal is often considered blamed for the uncertainty of its wins but the team has really done an excellent job in the football matches and has made its name popular. With the presence of many popular players in it, Arsenal has been known for achieving some of the memorable feats in various league matches. In the FIFA world tournament, its performance has been impressive which places this team at the second most popular team in the premier league. Arsenal has the best attack as well as the best defense which is why it is quite famous among all football fans in the world.


Chelsea enjoys the third spot in terms of its popularity on the list of premier leagues football teams. It’s high voltage attack and strong defense system make this team all the more competitive. Chelsea’s manager Maurizio Sarri is known for his excellent coaching which is why he has taken Chelsea to new heights. Also, Chelsea has won the fourth-most elite honors (30) among all England football clubs.

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