Difference Between Marketing and Selling

Not many people know the difference between marketing and selling as they get confused between the two processes. Marketing is a broader approach and it focuses on customer satisfaction as a whole. Whereas selling just involves the selling of products and services to customers in exchange for money. Below we have thrown light on the subject, marketing vs selling, in detail. Marketing is all about the creation of the market for products by making people realizing about their needs. However, selling is just an agreement to supply the product to buyers to take money out of their pockets. After reading the below-listed points, you will come to know about the difference between the two terms in a detailed manner.

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Marketing vs Selling – Key Differences

  • Marketing is all about ensuring customer satisfaction whereas selling is all about fulfilling the customer needs. In marketing, the customer-oriented approach is followed and care is taken to keep customers happy. On the other hand, selling is all about making a profit by offering products to customers and it revolves around money-oriented approach.
  • Another difference between marketing and selling is that marketing focuses on the wants of the customers whereas selling is about maximizing the sales of a company.
  • Technology plays a crucial role in marketing as companies focus on providing a better value to the customer with the use of innovative technology available in the market. In the case of selling, the focus remains on reducing costs by making use of existing technology in a resourceful manner. The use of apps for selling clothing products in the online business environment is one such example of making use of technology in marketing.
  • Another point on the subject, marketing vs selling is the planning approach. In the case of marketing, long-term planning is involved and the marketing team focuses on the future prospects of a company. Planning in selling is short term and it only takes into consideration today’s products and markets.
  • Customers determine the price of a product in marketing whereas, in selling, the price is determined by the cost of a product. A customer-oriented approach is followed in marketing whereas selling is based on production oriented-approach.
  • Marketing considers the customer as the sole purpose of a business whereas the customer is the last link in business. Long-term strategies are followed in marketing in order to increase sales. On the other hand, selling makes use of short-term tactics in order to get sales. Value-added services, customer education, and meeting objectives are some of the long-term strategies which are followed in marketing to get customers. In the selling process, free gifts, discounts, and rebates are given to attract customers.

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