Ways To Remember Your Lost Loved Ones

Loss is personal and unique to everyone. In the last few years people across the world have seen losses due to pandemic, other diseases and raging wars. After someone is gone, it is important to cope with their memory in a healthy way. Few know that a loss can actually be turned into a beautiful thing if handled in the right way. Let us look at some of the techniques using which you can turn your personal loss into something beautiful and remember all your loved ones.

Cooking A Meal Of Their Choice

In several cultures across the world, when someone is gone a meal is cooked for the community. This is directly connected to the fact that a sense of smell can evoke powerful memories. The sense of smell is unique as it bypasses the thalamus and directly goes to the brain. So, if you are remembering your loved ones then cooking their favorite meal makes that memory more pleasant.

Communicating With Them

In cases of unexpected loss, many things are left unsaid. This may follow guilt and regret. To cope with that you can record a video message or write a letter to them. This can be addressed directly to your loved one. This needn’t be posted. You can tear the letter or keep it with you. Delete the video if you like but posting is not necessary.

Give Them A New Shape

You can turn your loved one’s body into a tree. It is only for the ones who would like to do it. You can turn them into ashes and grow a tree using those ashes. This way you can actually touch them all your life even after they are gone.

Praying For Them

If you follow praying as a ritual then keeping your loved ones in your prayers can keep them in your mind and heart long after they have left you.

Interact With Them

Just close your eyes and picture their image and listen to their voice. Ask your lost loved one to help you in clearing your doubts. They are with you!

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