5 Reasons for Car Shaking while it Stops

Many people complain about the car shaking problem when their car comes to a stop. And if you are one of them, then we must tell you that it is the high time you started giving proper attention to this very problem. If your car vibrates at high speed while coming to a still, then it could be a sign of a major fault in the car components. The smooth running of your car while you drive or stop it is a sign of the proper functioning of its various components. People often complain about the vibrating sound in their steering wheel while stopping the car or driving it at lower speeds. These signs hint that the time has come to visit the mechanic. Following are the reasons why the car gives vibrating sensations while coming to a stop:

Damage of Motor Mounts

The engine remains attached to the car with the help of motor mounts. One of the reasons for the car shake could be the breakdown of motor mounts. The disconnection of the engine from the car could lead to car shaking problem while you drive the car at a high speed or stops it after applying brakes. Another sign to confirm the broken motor mounts is the decrease in the shaking noise on putting the car into the neutral.

Loosening of Belts

Another reason for the car shaking problem while driving or stopping is the loosening or worn out of various types of car belts. Due to this, the entire working of a car engine gets disturbed. For example, the fans of car engine fail to operate properly which results in strange noises and shaking. You must verify the functioning of bets by visiting the mechanic.

Defect in Fuel Intake System

If there is a fault in the fuel intake system then it directly impacts the smooth working of the engine and hence it results in unwanted noise as well as car shaking. Due to the clogging of the car’s fuel system, it becomes difficult for the fuel tank to deliver the required quantity of fuel to the car engine for its smooth operation. Hence, because of this the car shaking problem arises in the engine.

Dirty Spark Plugs

In case the spark plugs are damaged or worn out then it would not catch fire properly. Hence, the spark required to ignite the fuel could not be generated. The best solution to cope with this very problem is to replace the spark plugs as it would not require much money to do so.

Hoose Problem

Loosening of hoose could be another reason for the car shaking problem in most of the cases. The various parts of the engine are connected to the car with the help of hoses. It is because of these hooses that the by-products of gas are taken out of the system. When your car vibrated at high speed driving or while stopping, then you should check the connection of hooses with the engine.

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