9 Tips for Guaranteed Productivity of Higher Education Marketing on Social Media

The typical work schedule of a social media manager is characterized by a long to-do list. With so much to do, it is important to formulate and adapt processes that deliver great results within a short period of time.

Are you looking to promote higher education in your social media management work? These 9 tips will inject efficiency into your efforts.

1. Have similar tasks in batches

Going back and forth over similar tasks can be quite distracting. For instance, create all higher education social media posts at once and get done with that group of tasks.

2. Download a chatbot

It takes up a lot of time to respond to individual messages. Automation is the way to go and works well with higher education since the responses are factual.

3. Schedule tasks

Tools such as Hootsuite, Edgar and Buffer will be great assistants for scheduling posts on multiple social media platforms. With simple navigation, a single dashboard is much more efficient.

4. Recycle historically successful posts

In your schedule of posts, resurface content that beats times and has received positive feedback in the past.

5. Embrace smart automation

For tasks that repeat themselves, automation saves time especially for those who have a lot more to do. Sending pre-drafted responses and re-sharing posts across social platforms are some tasks that can be automated.

6. Refrain from multitasking

Doing many things at the same time appears to save you time but your attentiveness and effectiveness are compromised. Practice doing one task at a time and you will accomplish tasks faster and effectively.

7. Review social metrics regularly

Metrics on the performance of your social media pages will show you what strategies work and which ones do not. Frequent study of metric is the best insight into how the target audience responds to marketing efforts on social media.

8. Manage your time

It is great that your social media pages are bringing in impressive leads for higher education, but how do you spend your time? The best assessment on ROI of a social media campaign starts with calculating the amount of time consumed.

9. ‘No’ is an answer

You might want to always say ‘yes’ but an occasional ‘no’ is equally as good if it means sticking to your priorities. Focus requires that you turn down requests that take you away from your core social marketing strategy.


There you have it, 9 marketing tips that every social media manager should give a try if they want to see higher education content getting attention on the internet. Visit the website on ideas on how this can be effected.

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