Get Your own Holiday Property in Costa del Sol

Perennially popular, Costa del Sol is an oft-visited ‘sun coast’ in Spain. Located east of Málaga, the coastal town can be best experienced by being a part of the local environment. For this, you may want to rent an apartment, a villa, or any other type of accommodation close to the beach. An interesting thing about renting a holiday home in Costa del Sol is that you can mingle freely with the local population and tourists alike – that too from the comforts of your own space.

You’d love to have a swimming pool to call your own in Costa del Sol. Staying in a beautifully furnished apartment or villa is an experience in itself that you wouldn’t want to miss out at all. Add to it the pleasures of making your own meals (within your budget), relaxing in a space to call your own in a town full of revelers, and enjoying the wealth of natural bounties of Costa del Sol without having to check-in or out of hotels.

Here’s how to explore scores of coastlines from Nerja to Cadiz and Malaga (and beyond) after moving into your own holiday apartment in Costa del Sol. Know more about rental properties in Spain and how to get one to your name at the earliest.

Property Descriptions: Holiday Homes in Costa del Sol

In case you have decided to rent an apartment for short term purposes, or as a holiday home in Costa del Sol, than ‘letting out’ will require a license. This is not a necessity for long-term lets. Get a good property to suit your needs. You may want to check out the holiday rentals at to make a well-informed decision. The accommodation facilities available to you in Costa del Sol would differ in quality and the features on offer. However, as you conduct your search, you’ll come across varied descriptions in Spanish, English, or other automatic computer translations. This may lead to ambiguity with regards to what’s available to you. It’s well-advised that you confirm the key features of the properties that sync with your needs before making your first visit to them.

Key Specifications of Holiday Villas and Apartments in Costa del Sol

Just as is the norm in most European nations, you’ll find the properties in Spain advertised with their living spaces provided in square meters. The monthly rent would also be given in the property description for your perusal. If you go through the advert, you’ll find whether the holiday home is fully or partially furnished, or unfurnished. There does not exist any laid down standards for this. Therefore, it’s important to double-check for kitchen appliances and pieces of furniture present in the rental space before saying yes to one.

For instance, it’s possible that a property advertised as ‘unfurnished’ is completely bare. You may not find even a single piece of furniture, such as a chair or table, left behind by the landlord. Similarly, furnished properties, may either be comprehensively or partially furnished. They may or may not include kitchen items or appliances. If they do, the kitchen items may be of the most basic kinds. In case you’re planning to view the properties of your choice while they’re still occupied by the existing tenants, you may want to ask some relevant questions to gain clarity about what to expect. Alternatively, place your queries to the real estate directly to get the desired confirmations in writing.

Get Yourself a Holiday Property in Spain

As and when you start the process, you may need to file an application for a holiday home in Costa del Sol to the property dealer or his agent/ representative. Once the application is approved and the processing begins, the equivalent of a month’s rent has to be put down upfront. In most cases, this amount will be added to the deposit amount after the contractual agreement and moving in are done. Generally, prospective tenants are asked to provide:

  • Evidence of the ability to pay off the rent, or proof of employment
  • Tax identification number
  • Personal choices and other preferences
  • Passport or ID
  • Deposit money while renting out a Spanish holiday home
  • Additional guarantees or rent payments, etc.

Enjoy a Home Away From Home in Spain

Getting the perfect accommodation in Spain can be an easy affair if you assess your budget and rental needs beforehand. Look for only those properties that match your expectations and preferences – so as to get full returns for your money.

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