How to Plan that Dream Vacation with your Friends in Goa

Never has any group of friends, not made a plan to visit Goa! We always keep on making plans, but this or that keeps on coming up, which makes it difficult to execute the plan. But, if you have made up your mind and you want to make sure that you do end up going for that vacation, then you need to plan it right. It has to be budget friendly and also planned in such a way so that you can have a lot of fun! So, how do you go about doing that? How do you make sure that you plan it out within the right budget and visit the most happening of places in Goa?


Well, let’s start with the very basic – your stay. Well, when it comes to best Goa hotels, your options are plenty. There are hotels in various price range. All you have to do is search online and make a list of hotels that are available and viable for you. You know the number of people who will be travelling with you and hence it is best that youcustomize your search based on that. If you want to save up on the living and accommodation cost a little, you can go for hostels or rent apartments, where you will have to cook your own food. This way you will be able to have just the right amount of fun that you are looking for and enjoy a couple of days of shared living with your friends too, which promises to be a great life experience. So, this is something that you can definitely try out. If you are looking for something fancier and more provided for, then go for hotels and the best part about Goa? You get really decent priced hotels with pools where you can chill and enjoy with your friends!


Next comes the transport arrangements. There are two modes of transport that you will have to consider – how to reach Goa and how to move about within Goa. Well, Goa being one of the most popular tourist destinations, you will have a lot of ways to reach the place. If you are travelling from metropolitans like Mumbai and Bangalore, then it is simply an overnight bus journey. You can also avail direct flights or even opt for a road trip. Plan your budget and opt for the mode of transport that suits your budget the most. Then comes the more important part of how you can move about in Goa. It is best not to rely on local transport, since you have the option of owning your transport. Well, if you are taking your car, then that is taken care of. If not, then you can rent a car, if you are a large group of friends, or you can always rent a scooty, which is the most popular mode of tourist transport in Goa. Just a friendly reminder – when you rent your scooty, ask for two helmets, both for the driver and the pillion. And always make sure that you have your two-wheeler license with you because the Goa police is quite strict about that and also drinking and driving. You do not want to be caught on the wrong side of the law.

Places to visit

One can never run out of places to visit in Goa. From forts to beaches, this place is one of the most coveted tourist destinations for a reason. Well, if you are heading off to North Goa, then a visit to the Arambol Beach is a must. It is one of the fitness and yoga hubs of the place and hence if you are looking for a fitness retreat, this would be the perfect choice for you. Well, if you are more interested in the fun part of the place with lots of goa hotels in tow, then the best option would be Vagator. It is one of the most happening places and you will get a lot of budget-friendly accommodations here. Though not visited very often, if you want to enjoy both the pristine and fun side of Goa then you have to stay at Candolim beach. Full of lovely cafes and beach shacks, you will love it here. A visit to the Baga and Calangute beaches is a must since they are the hotspot tourist destinations of this place. They are generally quite crowded too, especially during the tourist season. Tito’s is one of the most famous bars of Goa, but the expenses are a little on the higher side. There are quite a few other options in and around Baga and Calangute Beaches and hence you can ask around the locals a bit, if you want to explore something different and new.

If you are more interested in enjoying a peaceful holiday, surrounded by the sea, then South Goa is the place for you. It is best if you plan for a stay at Palolem. There are rows of shacks right on the beach where you can stay here and it promises to be a lovely experience for those who love the sea. Do not forget to try out the sea food and fish here, enjoying the view of the sea, sitting at your balcony!

You have to visit the city of Panjim in Goa. Take a cruise ride on the Mandvi River and enjoy a fun time with your friends there. Apart from that Goa is replete with churches. Roam around the place and visit the churches. One of the most noteworthy one is the Basilica of Bom Jesus. You should also visit forts like –Fort Aguada and Chapora Fort. The Dudhsagar Falls are also a treat to watch, which is located quite near Goa.

So, Goa is the ideal holiday destination for those who are looking to have a fun time with their friends and unwind. Perfect for a weekend getaway, if you are planning on making it worth a trip, then make your bookings and head out for Goa with your friends!

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