Plan Your Solo Backpacking Trip This Way

Solo backpacking has always excited people across the globe. If you are one of them to whom backpacking through Europe, Southeast Asia or South America or any other country seems exciting then you should know how to plan your way smoothly. Here is how you can get started,

1. Budgeting

First things first what is the amount of money you can spend and also will require to spend to see your dream country. You have to have a clear picture of where you plan to go and what you will want to do there during the trip. This will help determine the budget of the trip.

Prepare a Solo Traveler Travel Budget spreadsheet to know the expenses you will have when you are traveling. Also check the best backpacking gear to take along. It is important to choose the destination according to the budget you have. You can create price alerts on flights to get an alert when the tickets to your destination get a drop. Note also the budget of traveling on the ground, the train and road trips. Leave a room in the budget for spontaneous plans.

2. Jotting It All Down

It is important to have a physical and/ or a digital file of all the information you have gathered around the trip. Note each and every point related to the budget, bookings, information of the destination you are visiting and all the other research you have done. You can use various apps available to keep count on the travel plan. You can create a complete travel board on Pinterest to make sure you do not forget anything at the moment and also you will have a pictorial research material right before your eyes. You need to have the complete itinerary jotted down before you move to making the bookings.

3. Bookings

You can make the bookings tentatively with the option of money refund in case the plan doesn’t materialise or an unforeseen incident happens in the pandemic world. It is not necessary to book the complete travel staying places but always advised to book the first night at any new destination before getting there.

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