Tips to Travel Safely with your Toddler

Traveling with a baby is like going out with a rock band. It is about carrying and managing. But, according to me, if you are prepared ahead of time, then you will end up having a successful travel experience. Here are some tips to travel safely with your toddler:

  1. If you are traveling via plane, then book a set with bassinet connectivity and a separate sat for your elder child, if required: During the boarding phase, make one of the parent pre-board the bassinet or car seat, then de-board the plane till it is time to take off. This way car seat is ready to carry your baby.
  2. Keep your stock of snacks and fluids updated: Make sure you don’t pack any perishable food. Keep your baby hydrated as planes are drying. You can carry a sip bottle and make them suck it to relieve air pressure.
  3.  Carry extra clothes and diaper for your toddler: When travelling by plane, dress your child in layers so that you can take off the clothes if it gets too hot and layer it back if it starts getting cold. No matter you are travelling by plane or car, mess happens. So, carry and additional outfit along with you.
  4. Bring the favourite toy of your child which associates with his/ her sleep: Bring their favourite pillow, blanket, toy or anything which you’re baby comfy and cosy. And, whether you are in car or plane, you can pull down the sunshades. It will block the light and help to calm your baby down and go to sleep well.
  5. Pack fun items so that your child can enjoy and spend leisure time: Carry the favourite story book of your child and a portable DVD of cartoon or iPad with cartoons and games so that your child can enjoy his vacation easily and have a memorable journey.
  6. Do not plan for trips more than 6 hours: Children who are small get restless when traveling for long period. If you are driving, then make sure you take halts and walk around a bit. Do not just buckle your child to the car seat and forget them.
  7. Schedule trips around the sleeping hours of your child. Child can get to jammies the moment he boards the plane, so it is better if they fall fast asleep.
  8. Always be next to your baby: It is very important to keep your baby in his comfort zone so that they don’t feel left out, alone or uncomfortable out there. If they continue to see your face all through the journey they will feel safe and secure with you.
  9. Maintain the safety of your child with infant car seat: It is very important to think about the safety of your baby. Get the best infant car seat for your baby so that they can travel any distance, any time with ease.

At the end of the day, whether you are traveling by car, plane or train, it is very important to be prepared from beforehand. Plan well, pack accordingly and be ready before time.

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