What is Dress Code for Potato Head Beach Club Bali?

The Potato Head Beach Club has been making a lot of news for offering an excellent experience to every participant in a unique manner. It is a popular venue in Bali that is attracting people from across the world for enjoying delicious food at a restaurant, island living experience, a lounge area, and poolside enjoyment. And one needs to follow a dress code for doing different activities while attending the events at this venue.

After knowing about the dress code thing, you must be having a common question in your mind. What kind of dress code? And what is the need for a person to follow a dress code while visiting any event venue like this? Well, to begin to answer this question, we must tell you that every activity during the event requires a different dress. And this is how things go on at the Potato Head Beach Club in Bali.

This may seem a little weird for first-timers, but once they get acquainted with the place and its tradition, it becomes a memorable experience for them. Here is the complete detail about the dress code for Potato Head Beach Club in Bali:

Dress Code for Daytime Beachfront Pool Deck

During the daytime, visitors enjoy the beachfront experience in bikinis and flowing beach cover-ups. And you can easily notice people taking part in watersports activities and enjoying their time well. In this dress code, you can enjoy surfing and other water activities comfortably. You can also lay on the beach and enjoy sunbathing. Hence, you must bring ‘casual beachwear’ in order to enjoy your time by poolside.

Dress Code for Restaurants and Bars

When you are eating at any restaurant and enjoying any cocktail party at bars in the evening, you are required to wear ‘smart-casual’. At the restaurants and bars, the modern-style arrangements have been done for people to enjoy eating and drinking effectively. And all the restaurants serve vegan food and hence a lot of vegans attend this event in order to eat well. The online platform veganbali.org has been spreading awareness about the vegan lifestyle and it has also enlisted popular places from across the world that serve vegan food to people.

A lot of tourists from across the world visit the Potato Head Beach Club in Bali in order to enjoy different experiences in one place. They do not just focus on eating the right food but also take part in all activities to attain mental peace. People bring different types of clothes to wear while performing different activities in different places. Right arrangements have been made for a change of clothes and to groom oneself.

The timings of the Potato Head Beach Club spans 11 am to 2 am. And the timings for restaurants and bars vary from this timing. Since the opening of the Potato Head Beach Club in Bali in 2010, a lot of people especially vegans have got a wonderful opportunity to enjoy their time. They do not just manage to enjoy eating vegan food but also they rely on other activities in order to spend their time well in Bali while staying at this event venue.

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