Where is Dubai and All the Other Important Information you need to know about Dubai

Where is Dubai? This may seem a funny question for regular travelers but for those who have no experience in traveling across the world, it is a good one to ask. Dubai is a beautiful place in the Middle East and it has a lot of destinations to visit in order to have a good time. Most people have a misconception about the strict and conservative culture of Dubai and they don’t exactly know where is it exactly located in the Arabian region. In this post, we have mentioned all the important information that a traveler needs to know before visiting Dubai.

The most important and favorable point about Dubai is that it is at a time-distance of 8 hours from 60% of the world locations. And this makes it a perfect place for a stopover for businessmen and other tourists. Unlike the misconceptions about Dubai, it is easy to roam around in Dubai without worrying about anything. Dubai is one of the seven emirates of UAE and it has its own flag. Dubai offers a number of excellent places to visit and explore its culture. The infrastructure of the place is highly developed and this place invites reputed people from across the world to settle here.

Important Information about Dubai

Location – Dubai is a peninsula which has a border of Oman to the East and Saudi Arabia to the South. And it shares a maritime border with Iran across the Gulf of Oman, via the Strait of Hormuz. After knowing where is Dubai located, it is also important for tourists to know that Dubai is in the Middle East or West Asia, which is a part of the Asian continent.

Currency – The currency in Dubai is the UAE dirham (Dhs or AED) and it equals to 3.675 AED to US$1. Dhs 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 10000 notes are in circulation in Dubai. And there are plenty of ATMs available and hence there is no need to bring a lot of cash in Dubai.

Language – Although Arabic is the official language of the UAE,  the most spoken language is English.

Safety – Most of the people have a misconception about the safety in Dubai and they are worried about their safety here. But Dubai is one of the safest locations in the Middle Eastern countries for tourists. It is a relaxed place and there is no need to worry about completely covering the body or hair. And regarding the swimming pool or beach dresses for girls in Dubai, we must tell you that there is no such problem in wearing bikinis or other revealing dresses at private beaches. However, one must follow all the rules of Islamic culture in wearing dresses at public beaches.

Drinking – One can drink alcohol in Dubai and there are plenty of high-end bars to smaller bars with live music available for tourists. However, one should not stumble around like a drunk as it could lead to a troublesome situation.

Now, you know where is Dubai located and the other important information about Dubai. These much details are sufficient for you to know before planning a trip to Dubai. It is a beautiful place to explore and one can learn a lot of new things by visiting this place.

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